Online Backup

Online Backup provides protection for important data and files. The London Chamber of Commerce has identified that 20% of all companies will suffer from some form of disaster or severe incident, and of those without a business continuity plan, nearly half will never reopen, and 80% will have failed within 13 months. The simple, fast and reliable service is configured quickly to provide an off-site, encrypted and secure backup that ensures your customers can recover data quickly should the worst happen.

This service is perfect for businesses that need to back up data from employees’ computers or business servers. The easy-to-use software client can be installed on an unlimited number of machines and makes it easy to select files and folders and configure regular backups.

Rise provides Online Backup based on software from its partner NovaStor, protecting up to 1TB of data.

Key Benefits

Online Backup services from Rise include the following features:

  • Secure, encrypted data transmission & storage
  • Only incremental file changes are uploaded, saving time, storage space & bandwidth
  • Setup automatic backups to run daily or on a customized schedule
  • Backup a full server or desktop, or choose specific files & folders
  • Restore to another computer, providing access to your data even if the original computer or server is unavailable
  • Easy to use, fast, efficient backups

Additional Benefits

Unlimited software clients can be installed and connected to the same storage area with no additional cost. The entire machine can be protected or individual files and folders selected. The backup can be scheduled to run at regular periods. All data is encrypted on the client and transmitted and stored in an encrypted format. Data can be restored to any client with the correct credentials.

Multiple storage quotas can be added to the same software client and different backups can be assigned to these different storage quotas.